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Bespoke Furniture Collections

Each of our furniture collections comprises a full inventory of what you or your tenants would expect, with a range of options to suit your property and budget.

The beauty of our service is our flexibility. We tailor everything to your property’s requirements, working with you to build a collection that best complements your property and meets your needs.

We work to reduce costly void periods by liaising with the developer, your agent, and the concierge to ensure prompt delivery and installation. The collections we provide will help to increase yields and attract high quality tenants to your investment with ease.

A Personally Tailored Service From Start To Finish...

Our dedicated team have a thorough understanding of the developer and it’s build programme, and will expertly advise you on the most suitable products for your property based on location and budget.

Your quotation will be fully illustrated and itemised, specifically designed for your property. This ensures that you have a clear understanding of our proposal and the ability to make informed decisions that consider your budget.

Our survey of your property ensures that the entire delivery and installation process is effortless, noting specific details such as the locations of sockets and vents in relation to your floor plan.

...With Everything Taken Care of by Our Expert Team

We will liaise with the developer and your agent to book delivery bays and provide you with a specific delivery time frame to allow you to plan around our service.

Our service team will collect the keys to your property and begin the installation process, maintaining communication with the developer and your agent throughout to ensure an efficient delivery that minimises costly void periods.

We go further than simply delivering to your door. All items delivered will be assembled and installed in the desired location based on your personal floor plan, with packaging removed for onward recycling and responsible disposal.

Our Service

Our Premium Installation Service is included as standard and provides all of the finishing touches, including ironing bed linen and making beds; hanging pictures and mirrors; and final dressing with accessories.

Once finished our team will ensure every aspect of your property matches your specification and return your keys, leaving your property ready to attract high calibre tenants.

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